Sharpen your knives with Work Sharp sharpeners.


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How did you get your knife so sharp?
There is sharp, then really sharp, then scary sharp.  Work Sharp Outlet is an authorized distributor of the Work Sharp systems, and everything we sell is first quality and under warranty.

Work Sharp Field Kit and Bonus Strop Finish Belts
When you order the Field Kit we include 12,000 grit belts to take your edge to PAST shaving sharp.

Free Belt Cleaner
With the purchase of any electric knife sharpener or belt kit receive a free belt cleaner. The belt cleaner takes the metal loading out of the belt grit, and improves belt life.

Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpeners
Now there is a line of mini belt sanders  that are made to sharpen knives of all sorts, and tools too.

Work Sharp sharpening systems, belts, and accessories. Reasonable shipping.

How to Sharpen Your Knife with the Work Sharp Sharpener

1. Practice on your inexpensive kitchen knives. You will get good fast.
2. To change out a belt, push down on the pulley, and twist – it will stay put.3. To adjust tracking, use the little side knob.
4. START the motor each time you make a pass. Place the blade, start the motor.
5. The BURR is the magic. Make a few passes on one side, and find the burr along the whole edge with your fingernail.
6. Once the burr is on the full length, do the other side – same – look for the burr.
7. Go to the next grit and repeat.
8. On a normal kitchen knife – this might take 5 minutes total to razor sharpness.