Ken Onion Blade Grinding Attachment


This fits on the WSKT-KO unit.

1” x 18” belts
One of each 1″ x 18″ belt:
(1) P120 | Extra Coarse Grit
(1) X65 | Coarse Grit
(1) X22 | Medium Grit
(1) X4 | Fine Grit
(1) 12000 | Extra Fine Grit

Not intended for grinding or creating primary bevels into steel blade blanks.




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Blade Grinding Attachment for the Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener

Note: Attachment ONLY!
Requires the Ken Onion Edition Knife & Tool Sharpener(WSKTS-KO) to power it.

This is the dream tool for knife makers as well as those that need a compact portable belt grinder with variable speed, variable angles, and a ton of control.

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