Knife Sharpener – WSKTS


Sharpen any knife quickly and easily with the Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener.

The unique design allows you to sharpen just like professional knife makers.

Two interchangeable guides, a 40* for kitchen and fillet knives, and a 50* for pocket knives and hunting knives, allow you to maintain the perfect angle effortlessly. The flexable abrasive belts produce a convex edge and allow you to control the sharpening process. The coarse P80 grit belt can be used to grind a damaged blade or tools like axes, machetes, shovels, post hole diggers, ect.

Start with the P220 grit belt for a dull knife and hone the edge to shaving sharp with the 6000 grit belt. A set of belts can sharpen up to 50 knives! A User’s Guide Instruction booklet and DVD decribe a step-wise approach so even a novice sharpener can have success and produce an edge that a professional would be proud of.




WSKTS Power Platform
Sharpening Cassette Module
40* Kitchen Knife Guide
50* Outdoor/Hunting Knife Guide
2 Belt Sets (P80, P220, and 6000 grits)
User’s Guide Booklet

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Weight 2.8125 lbs